We at Kilfeather & Company Solicitors believe in clarity. We appreciate that nobody wants to use a lawyer but they have to do so out of necessity. We are completely clear about what the issue at hand is and how we can help solve it. We are lawyers who cut through problems, rather than create them .

We are also clear about what we can and cannot do. Sometimes the best solution is not to involve lawyers at all, or to use someone other than us, in which case we will say so. We are clear about our commitment to our clients - so we are always fully involved in your transaction, problem, court case or business deal.

We strive to maintain our reputation of expertise, a no-nonsense approach and commitment to our clients. We know our job is to help our clients whilst protecting their interests. It is not about confusing clients with legal language, or about the egos of lawyers involved.

We are clear about what we charge and we try to avoid any nasty surprises while providing a top quality legal service to our clients.

straight talking clear thinking problem solving